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Massages & Body Treatments
Massage Treatments
Back, Neck & Scalp massage 
With our soothing signature 30 minute treatment, we will concentrate on the back, neck and scalp area. Our massage therapists will release every day stress and melt away tension which can easily build up in this area of the body. You will leave feeling energised, relaxed and de-stressed.
£32.00 30 minutes

Full Body & Scalp massage
We will spend 60 minutes soothing your senses and relaxing your muscles throughout the whole body, focusing on your key areas of concern. This full body massage treatment will increase oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins in the muscles. Essentials oils will be used to help unwind, relax and energise your wellbeing. 
£52.00 60 minutes

SB Signature Massage 
Our signature treatment begins with a deeply relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage, followed with a rebalancing, hydrating foot and leg treatment. You will drift into a deep sense of relaxation, where we use aromatherapy oils to help unwind and energise your wellbeing. This treatment includes a double facial cleanse, removed with steamed towels infused with uplifting aromas, finishing with a face pressure point and scalp massage.
£56.00 60 minutes

Holistic Massage Treatments

Indian Head massage
Our therapists will concentrate on the head, neck and shoulders massaging to release tension and fatigue inducing a state of deep relaxation. A 30 minute treatment for pure relaxation, creating a feeling of well-being. 
£32.00 30 minutes

This treatment aims to improve organ functions by massaging specific areas on the feet that corresponds to other parts of the body. It relives tension within the feet by using specific techniques, helps to improve your well-being and relaxation. Performed by our advanced beauty therapist and massage expert Samantha. 
£48.00 60 minutes

Hot Stone Treatments
Hot stone treatments are particularly effective for relieving muscle tension as the warm basalt stones can penetrate deeper into your muscles, melting away any stress or aches and pains. The heat increases circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system revitalising the mind, body & soul.

Hot Stone Back, Neck & Shoulder massage
£40.00  40 minutes

Hot Stone Back & Back of Legs 
£50.00 50 minutes

Hot Stone Full Body & Face massage
£60.00 60 minutes

Pregnancy Massages
Back, Neck & Scalp Massage 
A customised back, neck & scalp massage for any Mum to be, designed to relax and melt tension. All of our therapists have been trained in the specific massage techniques and positions to ensure you are the most comfortable during your treatment. 
£32.00 30 minutes

Full Body & Scalp Massage 
A customised full body and scalp massage for any Mum to be, designed to release tension & sooth your aches and pains. All of our therapists have been trained in the specific massage techniques and positions to ensure you are the most comfortable during your treatment. 
£52.00 60 minutes

Ultimate Pregnancy Treatment 
Begins with a soothing body massage specifically designed to suit your individual concerns, followed by a lower leg & foot exfoliation massage to improve circulation and reduce any swelling. A deeply nourishing facial masque is applied, finishing with a scalp, shoulder & neck massage. 
£70.00 90 minutes


Sienna X Spray Tanning provides a safe natural looking tan for all year round. It is quick, easy and a safe spray tanning system to give you that sun-kissed glow! Sienna X tan comes in 3 different shades which complement all skin tones. We can get to all the hard to reach areas!

Sienna X Spray tan £25.00 30 minutes
8-10 hours developing tan

Sienna X Express Tan £25.00 30 minutes
1-2 hour developing tan
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