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Victoria Harold Aesthetics 
Victoria will be joining our team to perform her signature treatments once a month on a selective days for all - Dermal Fillers! You will be able to find these days across our social media pages and by signing up to our Newsletter! 
Victoria has put her combined passion for art and the face into providing clients with dermal filler treatments where she is able to enhance facial features using semi-permanent hyaluronic acid based fillers via injection. The areas in which she looks to enhancing include the lips, cheeks, nasolabial filler, marionette lines, jaw lines and chin areas. With an eye for detail and excellent individual client centred care, you can feel safe in her hands. Follow her page @victoriaharoldaestheticsartist on Instagram for more details or message us to book your FREE consultation appointment with her!
Dermal Filler Treatments 
Lip Filler
0.5ml Lip Filler (natural) - £100
1ml Lip Filler (plumped) - £180
1.5ml Lip Filler (glam) - £240
2ml Lip Filler (ultra glam) - £290
Smile Lines
0.5ml Smile Lines Filler - £100
1ml Smile Lines Filler - £180
1ml Smokers lines - £195
3ml £350 (natural)
4ml £460 (plumped)
5ml £570 (glam)
0.5ml per cheek £185 (natural)
1ml per cheek £280 (plumped)
1.5ml per cheek £350 (glam)
Plump up packages
0.5ml lips, 0.5ml per cheek, 2ml jawline, 0.5ml chin £460 (plumped)
1ml Lips, 1ml per cheek, 2ml Jawline, 1ml chin £570 (glam)
Personalised packages
3ml £350
4ml £460
5ml £570
6ml £680
7ml £790


Please read the following prior to treatment​


 • Please allow 45 minutes for your treatment.


 • Full medical history and consent forms will be needed to be filled out upon arrival.


 • Full consultation and after-care advice will be given at your appointment.


 • £20 deposit is required when booking your appointment and is non refundable. 


 • Please make us aware of any allergies you have or any medications you are currently taking prior to your appointment.


 • Complimentary drinks will be available to you at your appointment.


 • 1 friend or family member is welcome to accompany you to your appointment. But please, no children.


 • If you have any questions at all leading up to your treatment we are available at any time to reassure you.


 • Numbing cream is available to filler clients. It is your choice whether to have it or not.


 • Prices are based on our preferred fillers (Revolax and Saypha Filler).


 • If you have a preferred brand of filler we can order it in for you but prices may vary.


 • Advice on what to do to prepare for your filler treatment will be given to you upon booking.

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